Volkswagen Golf ll, Jetta II

1983-1992 of release

Repair and car operation

Volkswagen Golf 2 / Jett 2
+ 1.1. Short technical characteristics of diesel engines
- 2. Engine
   2.1. Removal and engine installation
   + 2.2. Dismantling and engine assembly
   - 2.3. System of greasing of the engine
      2.3.1. Replacement of the oil filter
      2.3.2. Replacement of a cooler of oil (diesel engines)
   + 2.4. System of cooling of the engine
   + 2.5. System of production of the fulfilled gases
+ 3. Power supply system
+ 4. Coupling
+ 5. Transmission
+ 6. Transmission
+ 7. Forward drive
+ 8. Steering
+ 9. Suspension brackets
+ 10. Brake system
+ 11. Body
+ 12. Electric equipment

2.3.2. Replacement of a cooler of oil (diesel engines)


Details of system of greasing of the diesel engine

1–masloslivny stopper;
2–sealing ring;
3–oil case;
4–bolt of fastening of a case;
5–case laying;
6–maslopriyemnik of the oil pump;
7–bolt of fastening of a maslopriyemnik;
8–sealing ring of a maslopriyemnik;
9–cover of the oil pump;
10-a conducted gear wheel;
11-case of the oil pump;
12-index of level of oil;
13-cover of a maslozalivny mouth;
14-sensor of pressure of oil;
15-bolt of fastening of the vacuum pump;
16-holder of the vacuum pump;
17-vacuum pump;
18-laying of the vacuum pump;
19-gear wheel of a drive of vacuum and oil pumps;
20-laying of an arm of the oil filter;
21-bolt of fastening of an arm;
22-arm of the oil filter;
23-sealing ring of a cooler;
24-oil cooler;
25-nut of fastening of a cooler;
26-oil filter;
27-pump roller;
28-bolt of fastening of a cover of the oil pump;
29-bolt of fastening of the oil pump

1. To weaken collars and to remove hoses from a cooler 24, previously having marked them not to mix at installation.
2. To unscrew the oil filter 26.
3. To unscrew a nut 25 and to remove a cooler 24.
4. From an arm 22 to remove a sealing ring 23.
5. Contact proverkhnost of an arm 22 and a new cooler 24 to cover with VW AMV 188100-02 greasing.
6. Into a flute of an arm to insert a new sealing ring 23.
7. To establish a cooler 24, to wrap a nut 25 and to tighten the moment of 25 N · m (2,5 kgfs · м).
8. To connect hoses to a cooler.
9. To establish the oil filter.