Volkswagen Golf ll, Jetta II

1983-1992 of release

Repair and car operation

Volkswagen Golf 2 / Jett 2
+ 1.1. Short technical characteristics of diesel engines
+ 2. Engine
+ 3. Power supply system
+ 4. Coupling
- 5. Transmission
   5.1. Removal and installation
   - 5.2. Four-speed transmission
      5.2.1. Technical characteristics
      - 5.2.2. Transmission dismantling Primary shaft Secondary shaft Synchronizer Differential
      5.2.3. Transmission assembly
      5.2.4. Gear shifting mechanism
   + 5.3. Five-speed transmission
   + 5.4. Type 020 four-speed transmission
   + 5.5. Type 020 five-speed transmission
   + 5.6. Automatic transmission
+ 6. Transmission
+ 7. Forward drive
+ 8. Steering
+ 9. Suspension brackets
+ 10. Brake system
+ 11. Body
+ 12. Electric equipment

5.2.2. Transmission dismantling


Type 084 transmission

2–semi-axis flange;
5–rasporny ring;
6–coupling case;
10-transmission case;
11-secondary shaft;
12-primary shaft;

Transmission case

1–back cover;
3, 33 – a big adjusting washer;
4, 32 – a lock ring;
5, 31 – a small adjusting washer;
6, 30 – the bearing;
8–switch of light of a backing;
10-gear shifting lever;
11-rod of a fork of inclusion of a backing;
12-pin of a rod of a fork of inclusion of a backing;
13-fork of inclusion of a backing;
14-rod of a fork of switching of the 1-2nd of transfers;
15-secondary shaft;
16-rod of a fork of switching of the 3-4th transfers;
17-primary shaft;
18-lock ring;
19-backing gear wheel;
20-fork of switching of the 3-4th transfers;
21-fork of switching of the 1-2nd of transfers;
22-transmission case;
25-plug clamp;
27-the directing plug;
29-clamp stopper;

Special plate

Installation of a special plate

1–special plate;

2–primary shaft;

3–secondary shaft;

4–transmission case;

5–gear shifting lever;

6–nut М16

Special adaptation

1. To clear a transmission of dirt and to wash out water, having protected cases from water hit.
2. To insert into an opening of a flange 2 (see fig. Type 084 transmission) a screw-driver and to rest semi-axes it in edge of a case of the 6th coupling, to block a flange from a provorachivaniye.


Flanges of semi-axes have different length. The length of the left flange makes 84,5 mm, and right – 89,6 mm. It is recommended to mark flanges before removal.

3. To unscrew by means of a cap key a bolt 1.
4. To take out a flange of 2 semi-axes from a coupling case by means of two screw-drivers.
5. To remove a spring 3, a washer 4 and a rasporny ring 5.
6. To remove a semi-axis flange on the other side of a transmission (see subitem 2-5).


Since 1986 instead of bolts of flanges of semi-axes with a six-sided head bolts with a cylindrical head under a shestigrannik began to be applied.

7. To turn out the switch 8 (see fig. Carter transmissions) backing light.
8. To unscrew bolts and to remove a coupling case from a transmission case.
9. To take out differential 8 (see fig. Type 084 transmission) assembled from a transmission case.
10. To take out a magnet from a coupling case.
11. To establish forks 21 and 20 (see fig. Carter transmissions) gear shiftings in neutral situation.
12. To unscrew three stoppers of 29 clamps of rods of gear shifting, to remove laying 28 and to take out directing plugs 27, springs 26 and plugs clamps 25.
13. To unscrew a stopper 7, and further to take out pins at removal of the corresponding rods of forks of gear shifting.
14. To unscrew bolts 34 and to remove a back cover of 1 case of a transmission.
15. To remove laying 2.
16. To remove adjusting rings 3 and 33, having marked them for the subsequent installation on the corresponding shaft.
17. To remove a lock ring 32 primary shaft.
18. To remove a small adjusting washer 31 and to mark it.
19. To unscrew a bolt of 24 fastenings of a fork of the 13th inclusion of a backing.
20. To take out a rod of the 11th fork of inclusion of a backing and a fork of the 13th inclusion of a backing.
21. To establish on a case of the 8th transmission a special plate, (its sizes see on fig. A special plate) in a certain situation (see fig. Installation of a special plate), thereby having blocked primary shaft.
22. To wring out the lever 5 of gear shifting and to block it in this situation by means of a nut М16 6.
23. To press the back ball bearing 30 (see fig. Carter transmissions) primary shaft.
24. To remove a special plate 1 (see fig. Special plate).
25. To reject primary shaft 17 (see fig. Carter transmissions), having deduced from gearing of its gear wheel with gear wheels of a secondary shaft 15, and to take out primary shaft 17 and a rod 16 with a fork of the 20th switching of the 3-4th transfers, at the same time raising thus the special adaptation made of a wire (see fig. The special adaptation), a gear wheel 19 (see fig. Carter of a transmission) a backing.
26. To take out a nut 6 (see fig. Installation of a special plate), holding the gear shifting lever.
27. To remove a lock ring 4 (see fig. Carter transmissions) a secondary shaft.
28. To remove an adjusting washer 5, having marked it.
29. To press the bearing 6 of a secondary shaft.
30. To remove a lock ring 18.
31. To take out a secondary shaft 15, a rod 14 with a fork of 21 switchings of the 1-2nd of transfers and a gear wheel of the 19th backing.
32. To take out the coupling mechanism from a coupling case (see subsection 4.2.1).
33. To remove a sealant and выпрессовать the roller bearing of primary shaft from a coupling case (if it is necessary).
34. Выпрессовать the roller bearing of a secondary shaft from a coupling case (if it is necessary).
35. To unscrew the plug and to take out a gear wheel of a drive of a speedometer.
36. Выпрессовать a shaft of a gear wheel of a backing (if it is necessary).