Volkswagen Golf ll, Jetta II

1983-1992 of release

Repair and car operation

Volkswagen Golf 2 / Jett 2
+ 1.1. Short technical characteristics of diesel engines
+ 2. Engine
- 3. Power supply system
   + 3.1. Power supply system of carburetor engines
   - 3.2. A power supply system of engines with fuel injection
      3.2.1. Replacement of a filtering element of the air filter
      3.2.2. Frequency of idling and the maintenance of an oxide of carbon in the fulfilled gases
      3.2.3. Check of the valve of start-up of the cold engine and thermoswitch
      3.2.4. Check of the air valve of start-up of the cold engine
      3.2.5. Check of the valve of warming up of the engine
      3.2.6. Check and replacement of nozzles
      3.2.7. Plate of a measuring instrument of a consumption of air
      3.2.8. Fuel distributor
      3.2.9. Measuring instrument of a consumption of air
      3.2.10. Pressure regulator
      3.2.11. The pumping-up fuel pump
      3.2.12. Fuel pump
      3.2.13. Fuel filter
      3.2.14. Fuel accumulator
      3.2.15. Fuel tank
      3.2.16. Adjustment of a cable of an accelerator
   + 3.3. Power supply system of diesel engines
+ 4. Coupling
+ 5. Transmission
+ 6. Transmission
+ 7. Forward drive
+ 8. Steering
+ 9. Suspension brackets
+ 10. Brake system
+ 11. Body
+ 12. Electric equipment

3.2.13. Fuel filter

Removal and installation

1. To disconnect a wire from the "minus" plug of the storage battery.
2. To establish the car over a viewing hole or to lift a back part of the car.
3. To disconnect from the filter 1 (see fig. Fuel pump) tube 5.
4. To disconnect from the filter топливопровод 25.
5. Installation of the filter make upside-down. The filter should be established so that the arrow on its case was directed towards a fuel stream. Before connection of tubes to replace sealing rings. After installation of the filter to start the engine and to check, whether there are no traces of a podtekaniye of fuel.