Volkswagen Golf ll, Jetta II

1983-1992 of release

Repair and car operation

Volkswagen Golf 2 / Jett 2
+ 1.1. Short technical characteristics of diesel engines
- 2. Engine
   2.1. Removal and engine installation
   - 2.2. Dismantling and engine assembly
      + 2.2.1. Engines in volume of 1,1 and 1,3 l
      - 2.2.2. Engines in volume of 1,6 and 1,8 l Camshaft drive Removal and installation of a head of the block of cylinders Dismantling of a head of the block of cylinders Assembly of a head of the block of cylinders Adjustment of gaps between cams of a cam-shaft and levers of valves Intermediate shaft Flywheel Epiploons of a cranked shaft Oil pump Shatunno-porshnevaya group Cranked shaft Check of the block of cylinders
      + 2.2.3. Diesel engine
   + 2.3. System of greasing of the engine
   + 2.4. System of cooling of the engine
   + 2.5. System of production of the fulfilled gases
+ 3. Power supply system
+ 4. Coupling
+ 5. Transmission
+ 6. Transmission
+ 7. Forward drive
+ 8. Steering
+ 9. Suspension brackets
+ 10. Brake system
+ 11. Body
+ 12. Electric equipment Assembly of a head of the block of cylinders

1. To grease a valve core with engine oil and to insert the valve into directing plug.
2. To establish a basic washer 17 (see fig. Head of the block of cylinders, camshaft and drive of valves) valve springs.
3. To put on a valve core the plastic plug, not to damage a working edge of a maslosjemny cap.
4. To establish by means of the special adaptation a maslosjemny cap 16. To remove from a valve core the plastic plug.
5. To establish springs 4 and 5 and a plate of 6 springs.
6. The special adaptation to compress springs of the valve and to establish into place crackers 15. To remove the adaptation for compression of springs of the valve. To strike with a hammer with a soft head on an end face of a core of the valve in order that crackers correctly rose into place.
7. As to establish other valves.
8. To establish pushers of 7 valves according to the labels put at dismantling, having greased them previously with engine oil. Adjusting washers 8 should be inserted into pushers according to the labels put at dismantling.
9. To lay on bearings a camshaft 9 so that cams of valves of the 1st cylinder were directed up.
10. To establish covers of 10 bearings No. 2 and 4, considering from a belt of a drive of a cam-shaft. To wrap nuts of fastening of covers and gradually to tighten them on a diagonal the moment of 20 N m (2,0 kgfs ).
11. To establish covers of bearings No. 3, 1 and 5. To tighten nuts of fastening of covers the same as in the previous point.
12. To grease an epiploon with the 20th engine oil and to press it by means of an opravka aflush with a surface of a head of the block of cylinders.

Do not press an epiploon more deeply since it will block an opening oil plum from a block head.

13. To insert a shponka 11 into cam-shaft dredging, to establish a cogwheel 12. To wrap a bolt 14 with a washer 13 and to tighten the moment of 80 N m (8,0 kgfs ).