Volkswagen Golf ll, Jetta II

1983-1992 of release

Repair and car operation

Volkswagen Golf 2 / Jett 2
+ 1.1. Short technical characteristics of diesel engines
+ 2. Engine
+ 3. Power supply system
+ 4. Coupling
+ 5. Transmission
+ 6. Transmission
+ 7. Forward drive
+ 8. Steering
+ 9. Suspension brackets
+ 10. Brake system
+ 11. Body
- 12. Electric equipment
   12.1. Block of safety locks and relay
   + 12.2. Generator
   + 12.3. Starter
   - 12.4. Forward headlight
      12.4.1. Replacement of lamps
      12.4.2. Removal and headlight installation
      12.4.3. Check of adjustment of light of headlights
   12.5. Replacement of a lamp of the forward index of turn
   12.6. Replacement of lamps of a back lamp
   12.7. Replacement of a lamp of illumination of registration plate
   + 12.8. Windscreen screen wiper
   + 12.9. Screen wiper of a door of a back
   12.10. Adjustment of a jet of washers of glasses
   12.11. Combination of devices
   12.12. Block of control lamps
   + 12.13. Ignition system
   + 12.14. Electric circuits

12.4. Forward headlight

12.4.1. Replacement of lamps


Headlight details

1–boss of a lamp of dimensional light;
2–lamp of dimensional light;
3–headlight arm;
4–screw of horizontal adjustment
5–headlight case;

7–screw of vertical adjustment of a headlight;
10-headlight lamp;
11-spring holder;
12-nest of the screw of vertical adjustment

Lamp of a forward headlight
1. To disconnect a block with wires.
2. To remove a rubber cover.
3. To wring out the spring holder 11 (see fig. Headlight details).
4. To take out a lamp 10.
5. To establish a new lamp so that the ledge on a lamp got to a groove on a headlight.
6. To establish the spring holder 11.
7. To establish a rubber cover.
8. To attach a block with wires.
9. To adjust light of headlights.
Lamp of dimensional light
10. To turn a cartridge of 1 lamp of dimensional light and to take out a cartridge with a lamp.
11. To press on a lamp 2 and, having turned, to take out it from the boss 1.
12. To insert into a cartridge a new lamp.
13. To insert a cartridge with a lamp into a headlight and to turn it against the stop.