Volkswagen Golf ll, Jetta II

1983-1992 of release

Repair and car operation

Volkswagen Golf 2 / Jett 2
+ 1.1. Short technical characteristics of diesel engines
+ 2. Engine
+ 3. Power supply system
+ 4. Coupling
+ 5. Transmission
+ 6. Transmission
+ 7. Forward drive
+ 8. Steering
+ 9. Suspension brackets
+ 10. Brake system
+ 11. Body
- 12. Electric equipment
   12.1. Block of safety locks and relay
   + 12.2. Generator
   + 12.3. Starter
   + 12.4. Forward headlight
   12.5. Replacement of a lamp of the forward index of turn
   12.6. Replacement of lamps of a back lamp
   12.7. Replacement of a lamp of illumination of registration plate
   + 12.8. Windscreen screen wiper
   + 12.9. Screen wiper of a door of a back
   12.10. Adjustment of a jet of washers of glasses
   12.11. Combination of devices
   12.12. Block of control lamps
   - 12.13. Ignition system
      + 12.13.1. Classical system of ignition
      + 12.13.2. Transistor system of ignition
   + 12.14. Electric circuits

12.13. Ignition system


On Golf and Jetta cars two types of system of ignition are applied. At engines in volume 1,1; 1,3 and 1,6 l – classical system of ignition. The engine in working volume of 1,6 l since January, 1985 equip with transistor system of ignition of TSZ-H same, as well as on engines in working volume of 1,8 h.p. of July, 1985 the MN engine equipped with transistor system of ignition of TSZ-H came to change to the Tax Code engine in volume of 1,3 l.

At engines of fashions. MH, GU, EU, GX, KR and RH transistor system of ignition of TSZ-H.

At engines of fashions. RD, RG, PL and HT electronic ignition of VEZ.

Engines of fashions. PE, PB, IP and 1H are equipped with system вспрыска Digifant fuels, their system of ignition of VEZ has the general control unit with injection system.

The classical system of ignition is equipped with the ignition distributor with contacts. At the moment of disconnection of contacts at the expense of an induction there is a tension in a secondary winding of the coil of ignition. From a secondary winding of the coil of ignition the high voltage moves to spark plugs. For iskreniye reduction on contacts sideways the distributor the condenser is established.

The transistor system of ignition of TSZ-H is contactless. Instead of the breaker with contacts in the distributor of ignition the sensor of the Hall consisting of a winding and a constant magnet is established. The control unit of system represents the module which strengthens the tension induced by a winding of the sensor of the Hall.

The electronic system of ignition of VEZ represents transistor system of ignition with electronic control. The electronic control unit receives information from various sensors about engine loading, frequency of rotation of a cranked shaft etc. and defines an optimum angle of an advancing of ignition.